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July 07, 2003

Movable Type Comments Feature Wish

I think it is time for me to start learning more about the internals of Movable Type. Now that I have Threaded Comments, there's something else I want. The ability for a comment author to be notified when someone responds to their comment (if they gave their correct email address). This is one thing that I think would help create more of a community feeling on a blog. It's something that LiveJournal has that I've always thought was really cool.

Of course, now the big question is, how difficult is it. I do have some example code to look at, since the Threaded Comments plugin adds new stuff into the database. Anyone have any suggestions? (Or better yet, pointers to someone who has already done this? I looked around, but couldn't really find anything). Also, it seems that someone else is looking for something like this too (though I don't know that I need the first part they want).

Posted by snooze at July 7, 2003 04:16 AM