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June 09, 2004

Restaurant Review: Min Ghung

Today was my mom's birthday, so we brought her out to eat at a little place in Glastonbury, CT called Min Ghung. I'd glanced over a review of it a few weeks ago and thought it sounded interesting. The food ended up being amazing. I had some sushi for an appetizer and then their Salmon Teriyaki, which was very tasty. It was two large hunks of salmon. Mom got a Salmon Tartare to start and then had Shrimp Yakisoba that looked really good. She said it was great. And my dad had the Manila Pancake. Everything I tasted was really good. I can't think of anything I wouldn't want to try again.

Now, the other great thing about the restaurant is their sake selection. They have 52 different types of cold sake. We had two. One called Rihaku (Wandering poet), which was really flavorful and had a nice aroma of chocolate. The other was the one I really liked, called Kaguyahime (Bamboo Princess). The waiter had the hostess come and tell us the story of the Bamboo Princess, which I immediately recognized from one or two anime shows I'd seen.

So, I highly recommend this place if you ever find yourself in the Hartford, CT area. I'm pretty sure I'll be going back there soon.

Posted by snooze at June 9, 2004 10:13 PM