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June 13, 2004

Vibrating. Rubber. Ducky.

It strikes me that something is seriously wrong with a vibrating rubber ducky.

vibeduckWhile languishing in the bath, there are a number of different items that'll make your stay infinitely more pleasurable than a touch of Radox and a few bath salts. There's the loofah for one, and a more pleasurable back scratching device hasn't been invented. There's also the rubber duck, essential for any aquatic recreation, although seldom seen at the municipal swimming baths for obvious reasons. The duck is an icon of water-based serenity. A beacon in the fog of a steaming hot tub. A little yellow rubber thing that floats in your bath.

Or at least it was until the arrival of I Rub My Duckie, the rubber duck with a secret weapon beneath the hood. Dubbed a personal massager, the Prozac-faced yellow peril houses a powerful motor that provides the user with an unlimited (well, two AA batteries kind of unlimited) source of soothing, vibrating enjoyment. [firebox.com]

Posted by snooze at June 13, 2004 08:33 PM