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July 09, 2004

Because Deep In His Heart, He Just Wants To Sing

Imagine New York City, Spider-Man swooping through the streets. And then he starts to sing!

Spider-Man: The Musical

July 09, 2004

According to Variety "Spider-Man is about to become a musical."  Though Marvel has not confirmed the story, Variety maintains that Neil Jordan (director of The Crying Game) will write the book for the musical with Bono and the Edge of U2 performing the songwriting chores and Julie Taymor, who helmed the hugely popular stage adaptation of The Lion King, directing and Tony Adams (Victor/Victoria) producing. [ICv2]

I'm sorry. Even if I try to think of this the theme from the animated show keeps flashing through my head. Imagine if the opening to the musical is a variation on that theme. Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can.

Posted by snooze at July 9, 2004 08:12 AM