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July 22, 2004

Words Still Fail

Thanks go out to Suw for two posts that I'm pointing at tonight. I blogged about this last month, but here's some more information about Mr. Shatner's effort to revive his singing career (ew).

William Shatner does something unspeakable to Pulp's Common People

You remember James T Kirk… er, I mean, William Shatner's last foray into musical endeavour? His stunning - and that's 'stunning' in the same way that a sharp blow to the head is stunning - rendition of The Beatles'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds? Think that's the depths of JT Hooker… er, I mean, Shatner's depravity?

Think again.

Shatner has teamed up with Ben Folds, of Ben Folds Five, to record a slew of new tracks. According to XFM, the new album, ‘Has Been', will be released on the Shout! Factory label this September.

Earlier today I heard Shatner's cover of Pulp's Common People, and I can assure you, it will blow... you... a... way..., featuring as it does Shatner's thespy spoken-word vocals and Joe Jackson, (yes, that Joe Jackson), doing the wail-y impaled art student bits.

You really, really do need to listen to this. You absolutely must. I have scoured the web for a link to a full length version, but all I can find is this (fairly substantial) snippet. (Quicktime. Other formats available.) [Chocolate and Vodka]

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