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July 24, 2004

Another Example of Why I Like OS X

With OS X, I don't have to deal with computer problems like Adam Felber is having.

I'd just written an amusing explanation of the incredible discovery of Bush's lost military records. And then my browser crashed. I haven't worked on a Windows PC for a while, and I'd forgotten that they only work for so long before something horrible happens, at which point the Windows manual suggests that I scream, sob, rend my garments, and upgrade to a newer version of the software that will really definitely totally not crash quite so much this time albeit depending on various conditions involving things that would be far more difficult to learn about than simply following directions and getting a head start on my next bout of screaming, sobbing, and etc. [Fanatical Apathy]

I'd also recommend valium, and some whiskey, and maybe some Lexapro.

Posted by snooze at July 24, 2004 12:59 PM