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July 24, 2004

Shady Websites

So a friend of mine pointed out that one of the ads served by google to my site pointed at a site called My Music Inc (I'm not going to put the actual link here because I don't want to give them any promotion, but the shortened link is http://xrl.us/ciot). Which tells me that I can "Download free unlimited mp3 music, dvd movies, software, games and more!" and that it is "100% Safe & 100% Legal". Sounds kickass to me, so I put in a name and email address and am brought to the download page where I see it costs me $0.76 cents per month or $25 for a lifetime membership that will let me download FREE MUSIC AND MOVIES. Hmmm. Well, if I even want to consider paying for free stuff I want to know if they really have music I want. So I go to their search page, click on artist and type in LSG. And they say they found some LSG. So then I thought to myself "self, I wonder if they have that hot track 'asdfg' or 'ztsjfb'?" And they did! They even had "skdhfusdsd". In fact, they had everything I searched for. So my opinion is that these guys are scam artists. I wonder how many other shady websites like this there are out there

And If they are legit, they really don't seem to be making much of an effort to seem so.

Posted by snooze at July 24, 2004 09:02 PM