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August 4, 2004

What Everyone Needs When They Go Out On A Blind Date

Hmm. I wonder if I can use this service yet. I mean, if I had a date anytime in the next decade.

'Escape-A-Date' ringtones help you lie like an (unwired) dog

Cingular Wireless recently introduced an odd new tool for subscribers. "Escape-a-Date" is touted as "the perfect service to use when you are afraid that your blind date may not be just right for you." Users schedule a "rescue" phone call at a pre-set time which tells them exactly how to lie their way into speedy escape. Eight randomly-generated humorous scripts are offered, here's a snip from one:

Hey, this is your escape-a-date call. If you're looking for an excuse, I got it. Just repeat after me, and you'll be on your way!

"Not again! Why does that always happen to you? ... Alright, I'll be right there." Now tell 'em that your roommate got locked out, and you have to go let them in. Good luck!"

[Boing Boing Blog]

I remember doing this kind of thing to get out of meetings that were driving me insane.

Posted by snooze at August 4, 2004 2:02 PM