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August 11, 2004

Overheard Conversations

Jonas M Luster writes about a conversation he overheard at some cafe.

...On the table across me, a girl and an older woman. The woman listens, the girl lays on the decibel. She’s an intellectual she’ll have her counterpart (and the rest of us patrons) know. She’s educated, she has a job, and she knows someone who knows someone who lost a brother on 9/11. So she knows.

“Kerry,” she says, “Kerry is a douche. He is kissing UN ass. And he said something about a ‘more sensitive’ approach to war”. And all those lies about torture by US soldiers. Wrong, she says. Those Al Quaeda (she pronounces it “All Ksaider”) terrorists deserve a beating. And this Saddam guy, he’ll get what’s coming to him for killing Americans. Those Islamists shouldn’t be in America, and shouldn’t be in Iraq.

“She’s cute,” I think, trying for a second not to become entangled in her rant. I try to focus on the waitress, who’s even cuter and has yet to turn me off by yelling loudly across tables. I fail. My eyes wander back, and so do my mind and ears. She’s explaining welfare and abuse by “those Mexicans” of said governmental help program to the older woman. While I contemplate wether to order more coffee from the bottomless supply, we’re at gay marriages, prayer in schools, and SUVs. She hates SUVs. Only liberals drive those Tahoes and Trailblazers and Avalanches. [Jonas M Luster's blog]

Posted by snooze at August 11, 2004 11:01 PM