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August 16, 2004

Hello Kitty Desktop Vacuum

So scary I think I want one.

soujiki_d50_smallI would have posted this up about 5 minutes before now, but I noticed they only had three more in stock, so I thought I should get there before you punks. Because lord knows, there's nothing that goes together more sweetly than a distended Hello Kitty head and a light, battery-powered sucking force. And for $10, even! If this thing moves itself around by itself - something that I'm sad to say probably isn't the case - I would buy 24 of them and set them loose around the house. It'd be cheaper than a Roomba and at least 24 times as cute.

Also, have you noticed people saying kawaii a lot lately, too? I doubt they are doing the clap and giggle. You gotta do the clap and giggle.

Read - Hello Kitty Desktop Cleaner - Pink (Duh!) [Jbox via RedFerret via Engadget] More Hello Kitty yum yum links after the jump. [Gizmodo]

I also agree that they would be much more cool if they moved around on their own. And even if I did say kawaii, I'd refuse to clap and giggle at the same time.

Posted by snooze at August 16, 2004 06:26 PM