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September 13, 2004

Partisan Project

I tend to stay away from discussing politics on this site, but my friend John just IM'd me a link to a pretty nifty site called PartisanProject..

What We Did. We invited 15 designers and artists to each create one, two-color poster (18.5"x24") urging a vote against the current administration. The posters were printed, stacked together, folded in half and in half again - like a newspaper. These poster packs are being distributed much like a free newsweekly - dropped in bookstores, coffeehouses, restaurants, grocery stores, libraries, etc. throughout the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas of southwestern Pennsylvania. people can choose a poster (or posters) they like and hang it outside their home or somewhere in their neighborhood. The posters can also be downloaded at this website. We are also wheat-pasting the posters in various locations through the city. And in September, we will host a gallery event where each poster will be displayed en masse along with speakers, voter registration booths and live music. [Partisan Project. INFO]

Neat idea. Given that I'm not a fan of the current administration, I thought this sounded pretty cool. I also think they're a bit short-sighted and should also be pushing this for other areas beyond Pittsburgh. And someone needs to tell them that you really shouldn't have all the text in your site be images. It makes it impossible to quote things easily.

Posted by snooze at September 13, 2004 03:42 PM


Litter advertising, no matter how worthy the cause, sucks. In your window, fine. Plastered all over your own property, fine. "Somewhere in your neighborhood", without permission, not so good.

If you insist, however, we sell real all-natural Golden Harvest wheat paste in bulk (10 lb. boxes)... www.natural-craft-supplies.com :-)

Posted by: Cubes at September 13, 2004 07:57 PM

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