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May 17, 2005

direct from gregory!

just got a call from greg! he recieved the playstation gear sent by ellen and jules and he's stunned and speechless. the thing 'just so cool!' thank you. thank you. thank you. says greg.

AND they are prepping him to go home! they've been meeting with him and his family to go over what to expect when he transitions from the hospital to home. he could be released this thursday or the following monday!!

on that note: if you're sending cards or letters, now's a good time to change your address book to his parents home:

194 Kenyon
Hartford, CT 06105

he's walking now with the aid of only a cane and even though stairs are still a little tough, he knows he will get stronger with time and they will get easier.

it was pointed out to me that the milky way comment from my last update was left dangling out in the wind... sorry about that, but greg's lost SO much weight (he's officially down to 129 lbs!) that they're feeding him high calorie yummies like milky ways to thicken him back up.

Posted by emily at May 17, 2005 2:40 PM