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September 13, 2005

Wiki Madness

Last night, in a fit of boredom, I deleted my wiki. Of course as soon as I had done it I wanted to find some new wiki software to run. I've played with tikiwiki and Moin Moin. Both were decent (and I'm leaning towards Moin Moin) but I figured I'd do the lazyweb thing and see if anyone out there had any recommendations. I think I'm looking for small and lightweight with access control, that has a fairly simple interface.

On another note, I was trying to edit something over on Wikipedia the other day and discovered that some control key commands were intercepted by the site. Kinda cool, but when editing a text field in Safari you can use emacs controls for moving around and editing. Works great till you do ^e and suddenly find yourself moved to another page because it's some wiki command. So the question is this. Anyone know how to turn it off? I tried searching around the Wikipedia site, but nothing jumped out at me.

Posted by snooze at September 13, 2005 11:54 AM

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The software used by Wikipedia is MediaWiki so you might want to check the docs over there. I don't see anything offhand. One of the nice things about MediaWiki though is that you can use an external editor to edit pages, so you might want to look into that as an option. I've recently installed MediaWiki on http://wiki.jameslick.com/ and found it had a good balance between ease of installation and features.

Posted by: jlick [TypeKey Profile Page] at September 14, 2005 02:23 AM

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