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October 02, 2005

For the Handyman Who Has Everything

I personally think it should come in a big roll. It isn't really duct tape if it doesn't make that noise when you rip a piece off. It also needs to be multipurpose. You should be able to use it to build some bizzare contraption with it, like MacGuyver.

Duct Tape Band Aid

 Images Nexcareducttapebandage
I am a man's man. Nothing hurts me. I am pretty much invincible, except when my kitty scratches me. The worse thing is going to the construction site (work as I call it) and getting ridiculed by all of the other guys, and even the women for wearing a daffy duck band aid. This is a duct tape band aid for the most hardcore people out there. No longer will people think you are a baby. I mean honestly, nothing says hardcore more than having duct tape wrapped around a boo-boo. Maybe dipping said boo boo in motor oil and wrapping a used diaper around it is harder core, but not by much.

The Duct Tape Band Aid [OhGizmo!]

[via Gizmodo]

Posted by snooze at October 2, 2005 02:09 PM

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The adhesive in real duct tape is effective at dissolving warts. I've used it for cuts too, simply to hold the wound closed. These bandaids look pretty neat though.

Posted by: ethan [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 5, 2005 11:11 AM

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