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October 15, 2005

Personal Wiki

I started an experiment today on note taking. I always have a tons of things I want to do/try, tons of things I have to do, and just lots of random information I'd like to keep track of. In the past I've tried all kinds of things text files (which I still use somewhat). But was thinking of new ways to organize. In the end I thought of using a Wiki and stumbled onto MoinX.

For those not in the know, a Wiki is a web environment that allows fairly easy creation of web pages without having to know HTML. It also makes it easy to put in placeholders for where you want new pages to be. If you haven't seen Wikipedia you should check it out for a good example of a Wiki.

MoinX is a standalone version of a Wiki called Moin Moin set up to run on OS X. You run it and you get a blank Wiki all set to start editing. Pretty slick. So far I've just got pages for general ToDos and to start my list of 1001 Things. We'll see how it progresses.

Posted by snooze at October 15, 2005 05:11 PM

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