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April 05, 2006

More Medical Fun

Time for a bit of a health update. I'm coming up on my one year birthday on April 14th. Just to keep me from going too nuts celebrating, I'm going to be having stomach surgery sometime soon. The doctors think that I have continuing issues with acid reflux and are going to tie off my esophagus in my stomach. When they tie it off, it prevents the acid from coming back up. Though it doesn't keep food from going in (though at first I'll be limited to soft foods). While they are in there they will also open up the base of my stomach to help food flow a little bit better.

I'm actually not that nervous about it. Maybe having surgery as major as a transplant makes one a little jaded. I was more bothered by the other options. One was do nothing and hope for the best, no reason to tempt fate there. The other was one where I'd have a drainage tube from my stomach and a feeding tube into my intestines. With an added bonus of just not eating food.

No word on when exactly it will be, but I'm having a handful of tests next week in preparation for it. Including my favorite test, an endoscopy.

It will all be worth it though. The reflux is something that may have been the source of a bunch of health issues, including possibly my initial lung problems. I'll still probably never know for sure, but just having a possible cause is kinda nice. And I'd rather the reflux not cause issues with my new lung.

Posted by snooze at April 5, 2006 05:27 PM

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intersting to hear about the possible cause of the lung problem, but yikes at another surgery. :/

and i know i owe you a call - i've been pretty busy. *sigh*

to answer your question, the Prophecy trip is the weekend of the 21st. but i just found out today it looks like i have a test scheduled that Friday, and so will be hard-pressed to even make game on time, let alone stop anywhere. :(

i might have time to meet you in Springfield for a late lunch on Sunday...

Posted by: sirhc_warrior [LiveJournal user info] at April 5, 2006 08:22 PM

Would you PLEASE attempt to stop having stuff going awry with your innards? To be fair, I agree that it is perfectly likely that the problems are all in fact originally related, and that okay, this may not be the worst-case scenario, BUT STILL.

I, on the other hand, owe you an email! Am looking forward to trying to figure out at some point exactly how we have some other friends in common (what I might be wondering about is easily sated via the info page).

Take good care, please try to be kind to your other organs.

Posted by: tashewolf [LiveJournal user info] at April 5, 2006 10:43 PM

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