What is This?

Just a short rundown of who I am, and stuff about the site.

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About Gregory

Name: Gregory Joseph Blake
Age: 34ish
Gender: Male
Status: Single
Where: Cambridge, MA
AIM: ImSnooze

Hobbies: DJing, reading, anime, movies, blogging, looking for work.
Work: Sysadmin/DJ/Web Programmer (resume available on request)
Why: Why not?
A Short History: I started my first web page around 8 or 9 years ago (It's so hard to remember these days). I was at my first sysadmin job. I'd installed linux for the first time and it was pretty much a pain in the ass back then. It's been through so many looks, I wish I'd saved them so I could go back and check them out. About two and a half to three years ago I started blogging (not realizing I was creating a weblog really). Then about two years ago I 'officially' became a blogger and started using blogger.com. I quite liked how it worked, but a year later decided to give Radio a try. Overall I liked it, but working with templates in it was a pain in the ass and I never quite made the effort required to climb the learning curve of it. Now I'm using Movable Type. I have to say I'm pretty damn happy with it so far. Templating is pretty cool, and the plugins you can get for it are pretty keen. So here's where I am now.
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