October 26, 2002

Who was that blog man anyway?

I've noticed that Lyn and I have no identifying marks on our posts, which means that none of you know which of us is saying what. Unless you can infer it from the numerous, fairly obvious clues (and yes, one of them is my atrocious spelling). Maybe I'll try to fix that later on, but... I know my laziness well enough to not make any promises.

Anyway, time for me to harp on the virtues of my chosen series. I was going to do Hikaru no Go, but then I realized that HnG's probably the least obscure "obscure series" out there, so I decided on something else entirely: Giant Robo!

Why? Well, I had barely heard of it before my local anime club began showing it, so that means it's at least mildly unknown. Also, it's very, very good. And lastly, it's my blog, so I can do what I want, right? Anyway, GR is a seven part OVA (except that each episode is almost as long as two normal episodes (40 minutes)) that focuses on the struggle between the evil cult/crime organization Big Fire and the heroic Experts of Interpol. The two are led by, respectively, the Magnificent Ten and the Nine Kings of Heaven. Each leader has their own Marvel-ish superpower, ranging from the standard point-and-shoot energy blasts to hypnotic control of insects to giant... metal... fans... well, suffice it to say, the powers are pretty varied. Of course, the two forces also use various giant robots, in particular the "strongest robot on earth," Giant Robo (descriptive name, huh?), who is controlled via the wristwatch of the main protagonist (and young kid), Daisaku.

If this hasn't tingled your 80's cheese sense, you're in trouble.

Now, what's so great about all this? Mostly, it's the fact that, despite all the cheese, GR is a great show. Of course it has the combat down pat, but it also has a much deeper story, involving revenge, energy sources, parents, sacrifice, desire, and so forth. It stays at a nice, fast pace, dealing with the issues as they come up, and never once does it seem artificial or like the director is preaching at you (**coughcough**Evangelion**coughcough**). In short, it's an immensely cool series.

Plus, it's got a guy in a neon yellow suit who dances around effeminately while cutting people in half by snapping his fingers, and he calls himself Fabulous Fitzgerald. How can you beat that?

PS: I don't know, but he left a silver entry.

EDIT: Well, the name thing has been fixed, making the title/PS joke and the first part of my update obsolete. Oh well, such is life.

Posted by David at October 26, 2002 03:34 PM


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