October 29, 2002


Ladies and gentlemen, yet another has succumbed.

For a few years now as my hormones have been hitting full stride, I've been a fan of yaoi. For the uninitiated, yaoi is (in slightly innacurate layman's terms) a romantic relationship between two anime men, which may be canon (thank god for Clamp and Yami no Matsuei) or just the product of the minds of deranged fangirls such as myself. It is, mostly, a chick thing because, well, two hot guys. How many of you straight men dig the idea of h0+ g|_|r| 0n g|_|r| 4c+10n? I rest my case.

Anyway, the standard response I recieve to telling people this (especially guys and especially straight guys) can usually be summed up as "...." and so I usually try to reserve my essays discussing the relative merits of Seishirou/Subaru vs. Subaru/Kamui for my other fangirl friends, except for some casual ribbing.

But, somehow, I still manage to infect people.

First was David, who enjoys X, and who I think is fascinated by yaoi even as he sees the inherent silliness of parts of it and who is fun to come up with cracktastic pairings with (Sin/Tidus!) And now, our very own Greg has succumbed. No really, judge for yourself.

ImSnooze: I did my best to cover, just in case you were truly going crazy
goldalyon: I obsess over the UST of /cartoon characters/. It wouldn't be that far of a trip.
ImSnooze: UST?
goldalyon: Unrequited Sexual Tension.
ImSnooze: do they tend to have a lot of UST?
goldalyon: You watch anime. You tell me.
ImSnooze: hee. Good point. The new gundam series is full of it.
ImSnooze: Gundam Seed (We've already got two main characters who were boyhood friends, on opposite sides of the war, and when they realize who each other are they cry out each others names longingly)
goldalyon: ....I've contaminated you, haven't I?
ImSnooze: you have damn you

That's the thing about yaoi. Even if you don't believe in it in most cases, after you've been introduced to it, you can usually still see it.


Posted by lyn at October 29, 2002 12:05 AM


i don't think he's actually fallen. i think he's humoring you/us.

still, i'm going to write a Vash/Spike fic that is SO HOT, it penetrates past all his het indignation!

in other news, we really should have a fic contest/challenges. have a word limit, so we both (and others?) actually write them. it'd be a blast. post the "rules" here, see who writes?

the first fangirl to make greg throw up WINS!

Posted by: chris at October 30, 2002 07:02 PM

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