October 30, 2002

Top Ten

Well, I said I would a while ago, and no one else seems to be posting anything today, so here we go: my top ten list (in a general sort of order) and some basic reasons why I like them.

1) Escaflowne: Because it does everything and it does everything well.
2) Utena: Mindbending subtext fun and abnormal relationships.
3) Trigun: The first thirteen episodes might be a little light, but the last thirteen are an emotional roller coaster (and episode 24 is the best episode of any anime ever).
4) Evangelion: It's kinda obligatory, isn't it?
5) Great Teacher Onizuka: mostly because I wish my high school had been like that.
6) Anything UC Gundam: it's the best hard sci-fi series (and best mech show) I've ever seen (Gundam neophytes should note that UC Gundam chronology includes stuff like the original series, Stardust Memory, War in the Pocket, and 08th MS Team, not stuff like Gundam Wing).
7) Cowboy Bebop: do I really have to say why I like one of the greatest modern animes?
8) Hikaru no Go: it makes you really thrilled to watch people play board games. If that doesn't deserve a spot on the top ten, I don't know what does.
9) Kare Kano: sugar-laden high school romances by the Evangelion people. It's both scary and beautiful at the same time! (too bad they ran out of budget for the last two episodes again)
10) Um... I'm not really sure what should go here yet, so I think my list gets cut off at nine after all. Sorry. There are plenty of other good series' I could list, but they're only very good rather than exceptional (Giant Robo might end up filling this last slot, but I just finished watching it a few days ago, and I really need more time in order to objectively view its merits).

Hmm, maybe this'll prompt my co-bloggers into action on similar lists. I'd like to see what their favorites are (wink wink, nudge nudge, HINT HINT).

Posted by David at October 30, 2002 11:22 PM


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