November 04, 2002

run while you can

~peeks around the corner~
yo ^_^ k-chan here. at the invite of gregory, i'm here to cause
mischief and share in the all-around g00d otaku and fangirl vibes.
i thank you all for your kind regards from here on in ~bows~

current anime & manga obsessions:
fruits basket, noir, fancy lala, hellsing, all things CLAMP all the time :D,
eX-Driver, berserk, gto...
that should cover it for now considering the actual complete obssession
list is rather, well, long :P

i have a blog - surprise surprise, which is how gregory and i met.
i apologize in advance for any posting mistakes; this format is a bit new to me.
please, be gentle ^_-

Posted by k-chan at November 4, 2002 07:55 AM


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