November 05, 2002

bad fanfic, bad!

there are some fanfics that just shouldn't be written, period >.< thank
the goddess for the backspace button ~shudders~

drops in animation quality for tv series, especially if it's just for an episode
or two, is usually a result of getting too close to the airing date. in that
case, the episode is rushed and steps are taken to ensure it is completed in
time, but often resulting in a noticeable drop in overall animation quality.
thankfully though, the music and voice acting hardly never if ever suffers
from this affliction. i'll (begrudgingly) accept it if the overall series is of
g00d-above average calibur, though i'd like for it to never happen, ideally ^_^

randome pron of the day:
seme - genma, panda form (ranma 1/2)
uke - K (gravitation)
kinda... hairy o_O

so wrong and yet so much fun }:D

Posted by k-chan at November 5, 2002 06:35 AM


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