November 11, 2002

bachelorette living

mm.... mac n cheese :D
for 1 whole week ^^ (maybe more)

an a/v/ht-phile fangirl has to have priorities after all.
{{glomples dvds, cds, & electronics}}

i must wallow in pitiable gloom as you all get to watch Robin
and Saikano and i gotta wait for either the eventual r1 release,
or get the r2s.
given that SaiKano r2 will have english subs, i am so there :D
if Robin gets a progressive r2 release, i am so there.
12 Kokki is progressive so of course i gotta get it.
too bad i'm on the import wagon for about a year ;_;

well, yuri has been OS updated to 9.1
can't go any higher at the moment do to compatability
issues with my cd burner and external hard drive.
hehe... soon i'll have two 45gb firewire hds linked together ^^

Domestic Poll: Who Likes To Do Laundry?
k-chan: i do ^^
bloggers: *silence*
k-chan: ~sweatdrop~
i shouldn't mention then that i also like to iron, cook, clean,
and other various domestic activities :P

for a different anime, albeit still not finished being released in
the US, i recommend Strange Dawn. also soon to come, Brigadoon.
for weird crack: Super Milk-chan
for hyper-fun crack: Super GALS!
go Ran!!! :D

Posted by k-chan at November 11, 2002 09:40 AM


Actually, you should mention all that stuff... as long as you're looking to be inudated in proposals by fanboys. I'm not sure how to attract more of that kind of attention then by saying "Hi! I'm a girl who likes anime and will enjoy doing all your household chores for you!"

Oh, and Super GALS does rock.

Posted by: David at November 11, 2002 12:38 PM

thankfully, i don't usually have that problem, which is all well and good since i go for the fangirls of the estrogen variety anyway :P
the irony is, you wouldn't get that initial impression going by looks ^_-

Posted by: k-chan at November 13, 2002 02:49 PM

Super Gals does rock!!!!! This site rocks as well :)


Posted by: alana at February 12, 2004 04:34 AM

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