November 13, 2002

stupid people amuse me

someone obviously had a much dire need for my two
passenger side hubcaps because they're not there anymore.
of course, the driver's side ones are still there.
~shakes head~
so, when i get new ones, i'll have one pair shiny and one
pair old and dull -.-;

the GiTS anime didn't do much for me, which wasn't all that
surprising as i just can't get into much of anything that is
directed by Oshii. it's not to say he is a bad director; in fact, he's
very good at what he does. i just don't find it all that interesting
or relateable. the manga was ok.
my fave shirow anime is Black Magic M-66 :D
my fave shirow manga is the new Dominion Conflict. leona is just way
too much fun and way too {glompable} for her own good.
!mreow! =^^=
too bad she already has bonaparte ;P

Hellsing vol. 3 with ltd. ed. Alucard figure better be in my box
when i go to the comic store tomorrow...

Posted by k-chan at November 13, 2002 02:58 PM


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