November 27, 2002


mm... i probly shouldn't mention that the second dvd of X TV is out now :D
and in a pretty black slipcover case with blue foil X logo.
~drools~ gimme my Yuzuriha. i happy ^^

personally, i like the tv series a lot. and it does have a definite ending
even though the manga hasn't ended in japan, yet. it is close though,
seeing as they only have 3 more tarot cards to go through if i recall
correctly. the story is supposed to end there, and it is drawing together
like it's preparing for the final climax.

if Viz hadn't dawdle so much on the X manga, more of the tv series
would make sense. the only character beef i have is with Hinoto.
goddess knows i admire and luv Hisakawa-san's seiyuu ability, and she
is excellent for Hinoto, but damnit, her lips SHOULDN'T BE MOVING!!
augh!! >.<
she's deaf, blind, and mute damnit because she is so old and such a
powerful seer. being d, b, and m gives her powers of seeing full potential.
she can communicate psychically which more than makes up for her not
being able to physically see, hear, and speak. but they have her talking
in the TV series. augh!!! >.<

ok. rant over.

hehe... poor Hinoto has issues too }:D

something Pioneer did for the r1 X dvd release is what they did for
the Hellsing release. i don't approve of it in both cases as it messes
with the original video source, but they used a sort of softening program
to soften the overall image. having seen the r2 Hellsing the difference is
very apparent; though i grudgingly admit on a level that it helps the overall
smoothness of Hellsing's presentation. i still wish they hadn't done it. for
the X tv series though, it makes an already soft picture too soft in areas,
especially when it comes to somewhat distant shots of characters and
detailed images.
*sighs* i doubt they'll change methods now, but i hope they don't use
it for Snow Sugar.

mm... X vol. 2 is in my box awaiting my droolage, er, watching ^_^

Posted by k-chan at November 27, 2002 11:04 AM


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