December 05, 2002

otaku roots

thanx to the greatly appreciated generosity of greg-chan,
i've been able to enjoy some anime i have greatly been looking
forward to/wanting to see, but due to being on the import wagon,
was afraid i wouldn't see for a very looooooong time.

that being said. k-chan now owns a vcr, thusly now needing a
new a/v rack since it's taking up my second dvd player spot, and
reminiscing about the days when vhs fansubs ruled my vcr, along
with liscenced stuff too. but i'm talking about when a 4th, 5th, sometimes
6th generation fansub was the only way i would get to see a certain
anime title. but i didn't care, quality aside, if it was the only way i
could get my anime at the time. currently, just buying the r2 releases
have taken that spot, though most don't have subs some do. those are
on hold right now so i got to have something to fill the void in the meantime :)

upgradeitis is an a/vphile condition, much like anime addiction. combine the two,
and it can be deadly. of course, i'm both :P

watching my vhs digisubs of Robin, AzuDaioh, Spiral, Haibane Renmai
takes me back to those nostalgic days. it also reminds me of how spoiled
some otaku are these days, like my roommate (a relative newbie), who gets to revel
in my aodvd collection, and hadn't seen or heard of fansubs till i giddily received
my goody package from greg-chan {{glomples}}, got a vcr, stuck the tape
in, and reveled in anime g00dness. ahh.... love my anime ^___^ of course, i
was stuck with questions about the subtitles and such, which i fielded and
then tried to explain the history of fansubs which have been pretty much
replaced by digisubs. they aren't bad unless you use them as a substitute to
buying the real liscenced thing when they come out. for me, fansubs are an
inbetween to sate my thirst until i can get the liscenced dvd, whether it be r1,
r2, or both.

i don't know if that all sounds like rambles. i just know i loooooved the anime,
and it gave me that nostalgic feeling too. Robin, btw, rocks as much as i knew
it would. Haibane Renmai is Beautiful - i must have more. Reki is my fav ^^
Spiral is a fun treat, especially since mitsuishi-san is in it, and gotta have
more. AzuDaioh is ROTFLMAO!!!! crack - love it XD Sakaki-chan is all about
cute. she rocks :3

anime : drugs would be cheaper.
n33d m0r3! O_O

Posted by k-chan at December 5, 2002 11:09 AM


Hee hee.
Yeah. Robin is wonderful. Sprial is still really new, so we're only on like episode 8. I'm trying to remember what other random stuff I crammed on there. I think there was one Mao-Chan (NYAAAAH!) and maybe a Galaxy Angel to round out things with a bit of silliness.

Posted by: gregory at December 5, 2002 12:48 PM

i'm at the Mao-chan episode, and i think i remember seeing some Galaxy Angel (which season?) near the end when i was first surfing through the tape.

hehe... i have something planned for you }:D

Posted by: k-chan at December 7, 2002 08:55 AM

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