January 06, 2003

and so i have determined...

...that Witch Hunter Robin now owns a portion of my soul,
as does Haibane Renmei and SaiKano.
gyah. i might as well just get a tattoo that says "Property of Japan".
of course, unlike the flight attendent 2nds in armitage, i won't have
"do not touch" tattooed on my butt ^_-

yes, i rewatched, finally, in japanese thankthegoddess, the Armitage OVA.
love it, even more so :D
now i gotta watch the movie again. a great piece of motherly love.

and yes, greg-chan, Haibane is 13 episodes.

good thing thursday is payday. rent week is always oh-so-painful >.<
*sighs* of course, after payday i can go to the comic store again.
to add to my debt, and everyone else's, Animaxis i back up and running.
they only came back up yesterday some time, so give their site about
a week i would say to get fully updated.

Posted by k-chan at January 6, 2003 11:02 AM


Haibane 0wnz me!

I went as far as registering on yahoo japan for their auction service. Yahoo auctions beat ebay in japan like 99% vs .3%
Registering was a pain (the forms were all formatted for Japanese-style addresses), searching through the listings for haibane renmei was a pain trying to find somebody who was willing to ship internationally (most don't), and then to even BID costs money.
Well I managed to find and win three out of the four Haibane Renmei doujinshi by Yoshitoshi Abe that I know of. I may have to use a service in order to bid for me to get the fourth one since i couldn't find anyone selling one willing to ship internationally. So now I have to talk with the person i wan the doujinshi from to figure out payment and shipping. His English is as bad (maybe worse) than my Japanese. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Why the hell am I going through all this?

I am such a fucking otaku.

Posted by: izumi at January 6, 2003 06:26 PM

we go through it because we are such fangirl otakus :D
between Robin and Haibane and Saikano, this year is going to be sooo expensive. what i need/am looking for is the Essence book from ABe. the NieA_7 book is still easy to find so i can get that no probs, but the Essence book is a bitch. augh!!! gotta have it >.< and if ABe does a book for Haibane, i am so there :D

~piku~ now what's this about Haibane doujinshi by ABe? ~pikupiku~

we all needs tshirts that say "property of japan. see back for prospective representatives." and then on the back would be a list of all the anime, mangakas, and companies that own our souls ^^ i wonder how much a custom tshirt would cost...

Posted by: k-chan at January 7, 2003 11:24 AM

and the english animaxis site is down again :P

Posted by: k-chan at January 7, 2003 11:25 AM

The Haibane Renmei anime is based off the doujinshi books Yoshitoshi Abe/mutekei romance did. Vol 1 and 2 of the doujinshi is pretty much episode 1 anime. Then there's a diary book and an extra compilation with a great picture of Reki on the cover.
I hear that more volumes are coming out. Maybe they already came out at the last comiket that happened a week or so ago.

This URL has pictures of the covers.

Just when getting anime, manga, CDs, goods gets easier for people in the U.S. curveballs like this series comes out to my joy and chagrin.


Posted by: izumi at January 7, 2003 05:38 PM

i must have!!! :D
demo, my browser doesn't support japanese. any possibilities of working out a support arrangement?
onegai -.- ~bows~

Posted by: k-chan at January 8, 2003 11:11 AM

Posted by: izumi at January 8, 2003 11:31 AM

slight problem. i'm not registered with ebay. they don't like either of my cards, debit or credit. otherwise i'd bid on it right now.
*sighs* -.-

Posted by: k-chan at January 9, 2003 01:39 AM

holy mackerel. That haibane doujinshi went for 52 bucks on ebay.

That's MADNESS!!!

Posted by: izumi at January 10, 2003 07:59 PM

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