January 15, 2003

Weird anime conversation

This morning I was hanging out on one of the muds I frequent and someone mentioned anime and another person responded that anime was mostly very violent things and lots of sexual content. They said they were a big anime fan and that is what most shows were. I hadn't run into someone who was so unwilling to admit they might be wrong about that in a while. Even when mentioning a list of all the shows that just started airing and showing that there was only one show in there that might come close to this person's definition of 'very violent'. He insisted that I must be incorrect and that he was right. It was frustrating.

I thought anime was starting to get away from this stereotype.

Posted by snooze at January 15, 2003 02:34 PM


grow up already! you are all just watching a bunch of cartoons in a language you do not even understand! what's the matter with you? cartoons are for kids! go outside and play with your friends! read a book!

Posted by: izumi at January 16, 2003 01:53 AM

Hello Pot? This is Kettle. You're Black!

Posted by: gregory at January 16, 2003 03:19 AM

>>go outside and play with your friends! read a book!<<
been there done that. this is much more interesting, fun, and engaging ^_^

but yeah, unfortunately there are still a lot of stupid people out there. definitely not as many, but hey, we can't stop them all from breeding now, can we };D
me, i usually just ignore them and move on. i much rather value my time and don't want to waste it on them ^^

i never claimed to be nice all the time :P

Posted by: k-chan at January 16, 2003 05:35 AM

Was this on Dino??

Posted by: elthar at January 16, 2003 08:03 AM

No, it wasn't on Dino. I like think people there are a bit more cluefull, at least when presented with accurate information.

Posted by: gregory at January 16, 2003 09:01 AM

well, i grew up watching the kind of anime that had a lot of sex and violence(that's mostly what they played at the conventions;)) i know now that that's not what anime always is, but maybe this person can't let go of his theory that all anime is...rated R? or maybe he is just stupid...but i'm just saying maybe he thinks that cuz that's all he's seen :)?

Posted by: bunny at May 27, 2003 08:41 PM

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