February 04, 2003

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match

Well, it's been a while since my last post, and the board's been a bit empty, so I'll just chatter about whatever I feel like. Let's see, let's see...

I'm sure most people here have seen fanfics about certain animes trying to pair everyone up so they all come away happy, right? Often a sort of fan consensus emerges as to how it should be done. For instance, in Ranma, I believe the pairings go: Ranma-Akane, Mousse-Shampoo, Ukyou-Ryouga, Kuno-Nabiki, Tofu-Kasumi, Happousai-Cologne (you sick, sick people), and, on occasion, Sasuke-Kodachi (often with various drugs involved).

Just as a side note, I dare anybody to try this with Utena. You might get as far as Utena-Anthy and Touga-Saionji before everything goes to hell, and even T+S is stretching it a bit.

Anyway, there are some fun things to do with this. You and a friend can try to mess with each other's minds by hooking people up in brain hurting ways (Of course, you have to justify your match at least vaugely, so no throwing together Mousse and Ryouga just because you feel like it. Ryouga-Ranma, maybe. I think the usual standard is "average dojinshi," which isn't terribly exacting), or you can try to pair up something that shouldn't be and post it on a blog.

What the heck, I'm bored and I just finished reading my Megatokyo book. Let's roll!

Piro-Kimiko HAS to happen, it's the whole basis for the strip. Breaking them up would be like breaking up Van-Hitomi. As for the others, Erika-Largo has a certain appealing symetry to it, since it puts together the two main male characters with the two main females. Now, moving down the ladder of importance, Seraphim... and Boo! Eww, no, I'm just joking. Seraphim's probably way too busy for a boyfriend anyway (and considering that the only one of appropriate size is Asmodeus... actually, what the hell, toss them together, it kinda works in an angel+devil way), and Boo is, as we all know, the only giant miniature space hamster in the realms, so he's a bit screwed. Well, actually the problem is that he's not screwed, but whatever.

As for Miho, the perfect partner is obvious: Ping! The cynical possible source-of-all-evil is already warming up to Ping as a person, and it's only a matter of time before she decides to play with Ping's more advanced... programming. After all, it's what she was made for, right? And all Ping really wants is someone to play with her. Besides, if they get together you have underage Japanese schoolgirl/cute robot lesbian angst. You can't get more creepy fanboy fetishes than that without tossing in cat ears and a tail, and somehow I bet you can buy Ping those as accessories.

Ed and Dom get each other, of course. In a strictly plutonic, antagonistic relationship, of course. **whistles innocently**

Oh wait, I forgot about the three schoolgirls with the bag and drawing lessons. Um... let's just ignore them okay? They're just minor characters and there aren't any more guys to go around. If you really must, call them a lesbian threesome, but not around Piro and don't tell ANYONE you got the idea from me. I mean that.

Posted by David at February 4, 2003 05:13 PM


dammit, I'm still waiting for my copy of the megatokyo book to arrive in the mail.

I got the shipping notice at least so it should be here soon.

Posted by: gregory at February 4, 2003 09:07 PM

*Sigh* Ok, one more time, David. A "Platonic relationship" is a relationship which makes a point of being non-romantic and non-sexual. A "Plutonic relationship" would have something to do with the roman god of death. If it was just plain old secular death (a "morbid relationship"), that might fit, but Ed and Dom don't really seem to be religious types (and if they were, they'd definitely worship Mars, not Pluto).

Posted by: Tim at February 5, 2003 12:14 AM

Wait, Ed and Dom are having a threesome with Pluto the dog?

Posted by: gregory at February 5, 2003 09:53 AM

It's okay, Greg. Figuring out what Tim's saying is an aquired talent. I don't expect you to master it overnight.

Posted by: David at February 5, 2003 04:35 PM

Just as a side note, I dare anybody to try this with Utena. You might get as far as Utena-Anthy and Touga-Saionji before everything goes to hell, and even T+S is stretching it a bit.

Oh yeah, that one would be difficult. Let's see...
Utena + Anthy*
Miki + Juri
um. Ok, yeah, that's about all I could see working.
* - Even though I don't think that they have that sort of relationship in the TV series, not really. But in the movie it's obvious.

Posted by: silvermask at February 23, 2003 03:10 PM

whats this about

Posted by: wilson at March 12, 2003 03:03 AM

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