June 02, 2003

a-kon g00dness =^^=

**cat's meow**
not too much from a-kon, but enough good new liscencing news to make this k-chan happier, especially the news that PanyPanyo DiGi Charat has been liscenced by adv. i've seen some and it was ok, but i'm hoping that with PPDC liscenced, the first season and the Best imo season of DiGi Charat will be liscenced.
also of note is Bandai's liscence of Future GPX Cyber Formula. i've heard of this anime before.... gonna have to research...it's the tv only that they liscenced.
the title liscence announcement that definitely gained the most !squealage! from me was pioneer and Last Exile. w00t! XD they also have Mao-chan which is ultra ultra cute. if they package and price it right, i'll probly get it.

ok, it's not anime, but who can forget the She-Ra movie and the She-Ra tv series ^_^

shockingly enough, manga actually did a g00d job on the Read or Die dvd. i can now enjoy my Yomiko in both r2 and r1 *sparkles*
and of course, i could ramble on endlessly about how HAPPY i am that FUNi has liscenced Kiddy Grade. considering the title itself, i definitely see KG getting the FruBa like treatment, which reminds me i have FruBa dvds 3 & 4 to watch :D since i just finished Saint Tail last night, i can do that now ^^

Posted by k-chan at June 2, 2003 05:32 AM


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