July 10, 2003

anime anime

Over the holiday weekend i watched a ton of anime

Stellvia 1-13
Gundam Seed 1-38
Tenshi na mainiki
Scrapped Princess
Ultra Maniac
Lupin Movie First Contact

Stellvia RULES. I like the character designs and story a lot. Kids trying their best to do well always gets to me. i watch this for pleasure and entertainment.

I am not a Gundam fan but the relentless viewing of 38 episodes in a weekend did get to me. I'm going to keep watching this one to see how it ends. The captain looks kinda like Misato. Woo woo.

Ultra Maniac is cute. I like Yoshizumi Wataru's storytelling and artwork starting with Marmalade Boy. Ultra Maniac had cute girls in it but was a little too Magical Girlie for me to want to devote time watching it. Greg wore me down though so now I am resigned to my fate to keep watching this show. Did I mention how cute it is? It's really REALLY cute.

Yesterday I watched Stellvia 14 and of course enjoyed it, wondering where the story is going. Then I watched Last Exile 14 and realized how high I hold Last Exile in regard. Last Exile is like me putting my psyche aside and just totally be immersed into the Last Exile Universe. This is going to be one of my lifetime favorites. The sensation of flying, the backstory just hinted at, the plot at stake, the character interactions...

Maybe it's just because I'm starting to learn how to fly but i just get so into Last Exile. LAST EXILE RULES!!!!!

Posted by izumi at July 10, 2003 04:27 PM


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