July 18, 2003

Onegai Twins - First Impressions

Even though Anime Blog Muyo! beat me to the punch with a review I'll post my comments on the show here now that I've had a chance to watch it through a second time. I'd been nervously awaiting the first episode of Onegai Twins for a while. I really enjoyed Onegai Teacher, but had been fairly disappointed with what they did for the special 'bonus OVA episode'. It was like they took everything that made the show special and threw it out the window and tried to do more straight comedy. When I heard there was going to be another series I was hoping that it would feel more like the original show, but not like the OVA. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed at all. I hopefully won't say much spoilerish here, it's only the first episode, so there really isn't a lot to knowingly spoil.

As with most first episodes we get tossed into things without knowing everything that's going on. We've got a teenage boy, Maiku, who seems to be living on his own with no parents in sight (gosh, where have we heard that before). He's living in the same town the first show took place in, and we even get nice cameo appearances by Mizuho and Ichigo when he is at school. Next there is Miina, who has been hitchhiking to get to town after seeing the house she grew up in on a news report about UFOs. This house is (of course) also where Maiku is living. And last but not least we've got Karen, who is taking a train to the town for the same reason as Miina (as far as I can tell).

That's about all there is to the first episode. There's more details that I'll leave for anyone watching to see. There's one other cameo, but I'm still not quite sure if it is a cameo yet. I'm sure we'll find out in a week or so. If you liked Onegai Teacher definitely check this out. It rocks.

Posted by snooze at July 18, 2003 08:52 PM


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