July 28, 2003

Death, Mayhem, and Moments of What the Fuck?

As usual, some random thoughts on episodes are hidden behind the more. There's some great stuff in this batch. Stellvia, Scrapped Princess, Naruto, and Narutaru. All of which had great episodes recently. Though the one that I think struck me the most was Narutaru. So read on. There's not too much here for spoilers, but there are some here and there.

Starting things out is Scrapped Princess 15. Things are getting quite interesting. Though the premise isn't completely original, I really like how they are handling things. Especially how Pacifica and her brother and sister are handling finding out about humanity and its past. In short, they just can't fully comprehend it. Though they get parts of it. I'm kind of curious as to how magic will be explained exactly. Since things are now known to be technology based instead of magic I'm really wondering how it gets explained. And of course, this episode leaves us with a bit of a cliffhanger.

Next up, Stellvia 16. Holy heck did things take a turn here. The tension with the unidentified space ships had been heating up the last few episodes, but I really wasn't prepared for things to get this intense this fast. The screams of the pilots as they died was almost too much. Assuming there are at 8-10 episodes left there's a lot of room for interesting things to happen. Let's hope we get to see Shipon kick some ass next episode.

Naruto 42. The Sakura vs Ino fight. I'd read this in the manga and loved it. It was so great to see it come to life on the show. I thought it was handled perfectly.

Narutaru 3. Holy Heck. What is up with this show? We've got one character getting the crap beat out of her by one of these dragon creatures. The other character is given a knife to help her slit her wrists by that dragon's owner. Then there's people getting impaled on dragons (dragonets?). I have no idea what is going on, but I'm definitely getting sucked into this show. I've decided to wait for at least twelve episodes or so before starting to hunt down the manga. I'm enjoying being surprised.

Posted by snooze at July 28, 2003 09:12 AM


Agreed, on the three that I've been watching. It's amusing when Zefiris goes off on a long expository description of the world and Pacifica starts nodding off; also, they have a talent for putting a two-second cliffhanger right before the end credits.

They're playing hardball with Stellvia now. It wasn't so much Shipon kicking ass as a team effort, but still. Will be interesting to watch more.

About time we got some more Sakura. It'll be interesting to see whether neither Sakura nor Ino advance, or whether other events cause them to both advance (since they tied). Yes, I know you have the manga so DON'T TELL ME

Haven't watched any Narutaru. Yet. *sigh*

Posted by: elthar at July 29, 2003 02:39 PM

Naru Taru (serialized here as Shadow Star) gets even more rugged as the series progresses. Apparently volume 6 shocked readers in Japan when it came out.

Posted by: Smarasderagd at July 30, 2003 10:14 AM

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