December 09, 2003

Tamala2010: A punk kitty in space

This movie is my current boom obsession.

Imagine a mutant hybrid of Hello Kitty and Philip K. Dick, animated in the classic 1950s TV style of Osamu Tezuka, and you have some idea of the incredible strangeness of Tamala 2010, the amazing new feature from the two-man music and visual artist unit called “t.o.L”. Super-cute space kitty Tamala goes head-to-head with the Dark God of Death, killer dogs, a robotic Colonel Sanders with an axe in his head and more, using her trademark karate kick and heart-shaped sunglasses. A sample of some of the dialogue?: “Later you anaconda bitch!,” “Moimoi, me very tasty. Wanna eat me? “ and “Beware, Martial Law has been enforced in the Eastern Hate District!”
"Trust us - it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before." ~ Margot Gerber, American Cinematheque

From the Japanese pressbook:
It is the year 2010 on Cat-Earth, a planet in the Cat Galaxy. On her first birthday, the punk cat Tamala blasts off aboard her pride and joy, her spaceship Vanpla Turbo 1, heading for her birthplace in the constellation Orion. However, she hits an asteroid near the small planet of Q, and falls into its atmosphere.

Q, behind Cat-Earth in terms of civilization, is a barbarous planet of endless war and terrorism between the Dog and Cat tribes. At first in a state of near-panic after her emergency landing on a planet she's never been on before, Tamala gets the urge to go out and have some fun. She quickly picks up a tomcat named Michelangelo, and they set off for the big city in his Porsche. Tamala, who is without fear, has a great time getting a tattoo, bowling, skateboarding, and shoplifting sunglasses with which they play tag. They go to a concert at which Tamala jumps up on the stage to dance, which drives the 10,000 people assembled there into a frenzy.

Tamala does everything with such complete authority that Michelangelo is sent reeling, and he begins to realize that she is not just your ordinary everyday cat. And it is also true that since she has come to Q, strange things have started happening. All of a sudden the streets are full of advertisements and merchandise bearing the logo “Catty&Co.” And the kid-cats are all telling each other about having the same weird dream about a bizarre robot cat ascending a long escalator into the sky. This is, as a matter of fact, the dream Tamala has whenever she takes an afternoon nap—the dream that has stolen into the minds of the people of Q. While they sleep, the robot cat brainwashes them so that they will act in the way Catty&Co. has planned for them.

It's the first movie in a planned trilogy. There is a TV series starting for Tamala too. I'm rocking out to the soundtrack right now. The Japanese DVD has English subtitles for the nihongo-impaired.

Posted by izumi at December 9, 2003 02:28 PM


Hey, I have been looking everywhere for the soundtrack and DVD for Tamala 2010. Can you tell me where you got yours please?

Posted by: Niki at January 21, 2004 05:39 PM

Where did you find the soundtrack?

Posted by: Brendan at January 28, 2004 10:57 PM

I got the DVD and soundtrack from amazon japan.

If you are unable to read the japanese, you can also get it from cdjapan.

Posted by: izumi at January 29, 2004 01:35 AM

mainly in the LRB), but I actually found directv it worked better on film, its fulgurous directv succession of metaphors, digressions and credit card tangents counterpointed with what seemed mortgage like an endless loop of the almost entirely dish network featureless M25 as seen from a car windscreen--it direct tv wasn't really a loop I don't think, it was insurance actually continuous footage, but how could loan you tell? This footage in turn was often satellite tv

Posted by: job at July 26, 2004 02:10 AM

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