March 26, 2004

R.O.D. TV news and mini-review

Word from Geneon is that the Limited Edition version of the R.O.D. TV box will be sweet. From

The LE version will not be a traditional Artbox. Instead, it will be a faux-leather book with DVD trays instead of pages with room for the rest of the ROD the TV series. Both the LE DVD Book (as we will refer to it) and the regular edition will ship with limited edition two-sided pencil boards that feature the artwork from the R2 cards. []


Very slick. I didn't know until a day or two ago that this was coming out so soon over here, and now this news? I'm psyched. This has ended up being one of my favorite shows of the past year or two. I loved Read or Die and was a bit nervous about R.O.D. TV when I first heard about it. But the show just plain rocks. It takes place a number of years after the OVA (six I believe) and focuses on three sisters who are paper users and Yomiko Readman's best friend, Nenene Sumiregawa. Yomiko Readman has been missing for a number of years, having vanished sometime after the OVA. The show has a different feeling than the original series (which I found to be kind of like a summer blockbuster action movie). The storyline is a bit slower paced, having to spread things out over 26 episodes, but it still can pack quite a punch when it wants to. The characters in the show are wonderful and I have decided that the tallest sister, Maggie, is my favorite. She's quiet, likes to read, and likes being in small enclosed spaces, so she sleeps in a closet under the stairs (kinda like Harry Potter, but it's smaller I think). And the show also had a pretty decent ending, something that is too often missing from anime.

So I give this show two big thumbs up and a bunch of stars. I loved it. If NewTypeUSA has episode one coming up sometime soon I definitely suggest checking it out. This is one release I'll be getting the day it comes out on DVD over here.

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