May 09, 2004

Sakura Wars TV - I: Opening Night


I picked this release up recently because I'd seen the first episode on one of the DVDs from NewType and had it on sale and I'd been curious about the show after reading some of the Fruits Basket manga (where the author mentions Sakura Wars a few times). There have been a few other Sakura Wars releases (OVAs and Movies), but I believe they are all based off of games for the PS/PS2 in Japan.

Sakura Wars TV centers around Sakura Shinguji, the newest member of the Imperial Flower Combat Troop. It is a team of women who pilot steam powered mecha and who all have strong spirit energy (which helps them fight monsters). When they aren't fighting and training, they perform in the theatre where their headquarters is. It is kind of a weird premise, and they still haven't quite explained WHY they do the performances (at least that I noticed, i might have missed it). This first disc mostly sets the stage for the series. We meet the members of the team. Sakura slowly works to get them to accept her. Bad monsters come and they have to fight them off (with Sakura not doing a great job of piloting her mecha). And we start to learn just a bit about who their unknown enemy is.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. While Sakura fits into that mold of slightly klutzy main character destined for greatness, she's not as whiney as that character typically is. I think this made me warm up to the show a little faster. I also want to watch more to find out about the rest of the team. I also love the whole steampunk feel of the show, I'm always a sucker for that look.

So, overall I'd recommend this disc, but I get the feeling it is one of those shows that wouldn't be for everyone. If you aren't sure, I'd definitely recommend renting it first to see if it is your cup of tea.

Posted by snooze at May 9, 2004 01:59 PM


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