May 19, 2004

Banner of the Stars, Vol. 1


Over a year ago I wrote a short short review of Crest of the Stars. It was one of those shows that really surprised me since I really didn't know much about it before watching it. And it really even took a few episodes for me to really get into the show. But once I finished watching the first disk I had to go out and buy the whole series. Banner of the Stars came out a while ago at this point, but I just hadn't had the time to see it and my DVD budget is quite small these days. Thanks to Greencine I just finished watching it and am now hungry for more.

The DVD takes place a few years after Crest of the Stars. Lafiel now commands a ship and Jinto is stationed on it at her request. There haven't been many conflicts since the time period of the last series, but things are starting to heat up again. Unlike the first series, this one dives right into the plot with little introduction. We get to see Spoor again, which rocks as she was one of my favorite side characters from the Crest of the Stars. I'm hoping her character shows up a few more times.

It's also nice seeing Lafiel and Jinto's relationship still evolving some, as well as seeing how differently he interacts with her than the rest of the crew. I can't wait to get the next volume of this and see what happens next. I give this disc a big thumbs up and highly recommend it, though I'd recommend seeing Crest of the Stars first to get to know the characters.

Posted by snooze at May 19, 2004 05:08 PM


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