March 13, 2005

Mai-HiME 20

First, some screencaps:

Mai-Hime-20A  Mai-Hime-20B  Mai-Hime-20C

Second, WHAT. THE. FUCK.

More after the break, with spoilers. This is one of those cases where you really don't want to be spoiled.

There was a point about 2/3rds of the way through the episode where I realized that it had taken at least two minutes for Takumi's disappearance to fully register with me. I was just so overwhelmed with everything going on. And that look on Mai's face was just frightening and disturbing. I still don't have any idea where they are going from here, but this episode brought up some interesting questions that I kind of want answered.

The first is that the HiME's children have a connection to the person they care the most for. They have said that if their child dies, the person they care for the most will disappear. But what if multiple HiME's care for the same person. This seems like it throws some kind of weird wrench into the rules. Since Mai still has her dragon, unless that other person for her is Tate. Of course if that is the case we'll be running into the issue again soon enough.

The other thing that I am finding scary is how much all the HiMEs are being manipulated. And not towards the exact same goal necessarily. There are some people I really do hope die a brutal death.

And i still have episode 21 sitting here to watch. Damn.

Posted by snooze at March 13, 2005 05:44 PM


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