April 17, 2005

One from the archives (circa 1998)


Chiaki Enno is the apprentice priestess at her family's shrine, where long ago one of her ancestors bound the great demon prince Zenki. Now the evil Seeds of Possession are once again terrorizing the countryside, and Chiaki must free Zenki to combat them.

This is an engaging TV series, fairly predictable once you've seen the first couple of episodes, but enjoyable to watch. I'd recommend it to fans of Sailor Moon, or people looking for magical action/comedy.

On the Some/None/Lots scale:
Sex/Innuendo:  A little
Skin:  Some
Violence:  Lots, mostly cartoonish
Profanity:  None
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It might be a bit before Gregory is able to blog again, as he has just been the recipient of a lung transplant -- see his blog for the details!

I'll try to toss in a few tidbits, but since my wife and I had our second kid a few weeks ago, free time is scarce.

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