July 27, 2003

Harry Potter

The other night I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Overall I thought the book was pretty good, though I really think she could have shortened it by a bit. The only thing I can imagine is that a lot of the little details she set up in the book are things that will be addressed in one of the next books. One thing I did like is that she really has made her world into quite a dark place. Well, it was getting dark by the end of the last book, but definitely got darker in this one.

On the things I didn't like. There were lots of things that happened in the book that just felt too obvious. I wasn't really surprised by much of anything (as I was in the last book). This one also just felt a little weaker than the last one. Even though you find out a lot about why things are happening by the end of the book, it just didn't really wow me.

Overall, if you're a fan of the series it is a pretty good book. Even if I didn't find it as engaging as the last one.

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