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April 18, 2005

vertical -- for a minute...

hi everybody, here's the latest on greg from his mom... it's all really good news!

they continue to remove tubes and lines from him and have cut down on the number of times a day they're doing bloodwork, etc. he's not using a lot of oxygen and is breathing pretty much on his own.

the big news of the day is that greg stood up today with the assistance of cool hospital technology! the bed he's in becomes chair-shaped. once they got him into this position, they lowered the bed so his feet touched the floor. then, all he had to do was stand up against another support machine and he was able to lift his legs up and down and stand for about a minute. then, he sat back down... and conked out! :)

they're hoping to start him on physical therapy tomorrow and may move him to the 'step-down' unit (not ICU but not general hospital rooms) by wednesday. great progress!

greg's got his glasses back on and is much less overwhelmed than he was yesterday.

he is allowed receive cards in the mail. following is the address:

gregory blake
c/o brigham & women's hospital
75 francis st
boston, ma 02115

:) emily

Posted by emily at April 18, 2005 4:14 PM