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April 17, 2005

bye-bye ventilator

greg was fully awake by morning and was able to follow directions so the doctors did one more scope into the breathing tube with a camera. it looked fine, so they removed greg's ventilator. greg is now breathing on his own!!

he had to wear an oxygen mask for a few hours, but now they only have him on the nose-tube thing.

when they saw greg through the window of his room, he waved to them from his bed. he is much more alert and understands why he has to hold still. they're moving tubes, changing meds and monitoring his blood pressure, which has been a little high.

despite having a very sore throat from the ventilator, greg was able to say a few syllables this afternoon. he has a 'healthy' cough. he's no longer restrained.

he hasn't yet had additional hydration or nourishment since the organs are not yet ready for food (after all the anesthesia) and could make him sick. they do not want to risk getting liquid into his lungs.

his mom says he *could* be standing up tomorrow. c'mon greg!

:) emily

Posted by emily at April 17, 2005 8:37 PM