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April 20, 2005

nice new digs...

greg has moved to the step down unit. in fact, he *walked* from the ICU to his new room! it is private, has a nice window view and is actually quite spacious. it even has a private restroom. fancy. :)

i was allowed to accompany greg and his nurse on his after dinner walk. one lap around the unit - 1/24 of a mile - and he did great. we even joked with another patient that greg could easily take him in a race. it would have been quite a sight! they were both piloting to these great walking carts with arm pads and suction tanks and hooks for all the crazy lines and bags and stuff. there are vertical handles with bike grips on them to help steer. greg naturally placed his thumbs on the tops of the posts as though on shooter buttons on a joystick.

solid food is old news now... when i arrived greg had just finished up a steak tips dinner. he'd had eggs and pancakes for breakfast, grill cheez and tuna salad for lunch. he says the food is not too bad. kinda like airplane food, luck of the draw.

yesterday i couldn't get over his complexion, today it was his voice. suddenly his voice seems to be booming! go new lungs! project! project!

greg mentioned that he's been having vivid dreams and flashes since the surgery. he's been inspired to create images of them... on the computer, of course... soon!

they're doing medication alchemy, taking him off the epidural pain meds and putting him onto oxy. they're starting him on prednisolone (is that really how you spell it? should we tell the spammers there's no Z in it?) tomorrow. they've already introduced an anti-rejection med (or maybe two).

i met one of the transplant doctors and a fellow, both young and very nice! the fellow said she was reading along... *waves* the doctor was guardedly enthusiastic about greg's progress. he said there *will* be ups and downs. {his mom told me the other transplant recipient had a set back last night. "it's all so tenuous." she said.}

glad you're all enjoying reading along. don't thank me for writing this, thank GREG for being certain you all stayed up-to-date by asking me to do this (six years ago!)

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