November 05, 2002

need my previews dangnabbit!

and scott better have em in when i got to BCC (my local
comic store) to stock up on anime dvds, manga, and the random
figure. gotta get my order fix in ^^
a debtqueen has to have her debt, after all ~winks~

as for the bit about bad fanfiction, that comes from years of
ficage perusal, it takes many a kowai close encounter to find
the few gems amidst the fields of crap.
what's bad is when you start catagorizing the crap :P because,
you know, there is crap and then there is the creme-de-la-crap.

the random pron is much fun that can be found at my blog.
just look at the links on the side, clik on the random pron link,
and have fun ~cackles evilly~ i even got greg-chan hooked ^^

thanx for the welcomes :)

Posted by k-chan at November 5, 2002 10:19 PM


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