November 08, 2002

L337 5P34|<

and i owe finally being able to read and speak it to
the beloved & ROTFLMAO hilarious MegaTokyo.
go now. be l337. and buy the graphic novel come december ^_^

wow. such bloggage over the last few days. i'm overwhelmed ;P
i shall have to bore you all some more with my random musings
and ramblings, brought to you this morning by 3.6667 hours of
sleep. that's what going to bed at 1:20am and getting up at 5am
will do to you >.<

watched YYH vol. 5 the other day.
{{glomples}} i wuuuuv my ogata-sama, that i do =^^=
kurama was her very first seiyuu role, the start of a living
legend, imnsho. ahh... too bad she doesn't accept gaijin in her
fan club ;_;
~bops to YYH music, ogata style~

awaiting my viewing are Excel Saga vol. 2 & SMJ-X vol. 3
~geppu~ "i'm Sexy! :D"
i love my mitsuishi-san ^____^

Posted by k-chan at November 8, 2002 06:21 AM


|)0 4/\/y 0|= u p30p3l |</\/0w l337 5p34|<

Posted by: chris at February 19, 2004 10:37 PM

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