November 08, 2002

What I've been watching

Not as much stuff lately. I got sucked into GTA:Vice City for a few days, but I got stuck on a mission and have tried it around 50 times and can't get past it. The game has lost some of its charm to be because of it.

I also needed a small break after powering through RahXephon. This morning though I watched episode 9 of Azumanga Daioh, which was insanely sweet and funny and made me worship Sakaki all the more. She's definitely one of my favorite anime characters. Something about her quiet reactions to anything cute is just wonderful. I also took in the second episode of Kiddy Grade. The first episode was really kind of dull. One of those shows that feels like it could be good, but something just wasn't working. Well, the second episode was a little bit better. I'll probably watch one more and if it doesn't make a big improvement will stop downloading.

On queue is GetBackers 4, which I'm getting into more and more, and Spiral 5, which I'm finding to falter a little (it's still good, but not AS good), and GitS #3 when it finishes downloading.

Posted by snooze at November 8, 2002 02:02 PM


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