November 09, 2002

Amon, either shave those sideburns or grow them out, honey

I've been using this laaazy Saturday to eat goldfish crackers and catch up on my Witch Hunter Robin. I haven't watched it in about a month, and with a show like Robin -- in which the over-arcing plot and general purposes is so subtle, relying on a few enigmatic clues each episodes and some wistful but signficant exchanges of looks -- it's hard to get quite back on top of it when all you can really remember is that Robin's a pyrokinetic with cute hair and Amon and Sakaki have probably groped each other on a drunken night of which they never speak.

But it's still a good show, even if it does consider itself to be Very Serious Anime. The atmosphere is, of course, perfect -- dark and gloomy and soft in the way approaching footsteps can be soft, and the characters are intriguing and real, if only because the series lets us watch what they do rather than actively explore them. I'm on episode fourteen now, and I'm getting the suspicion that The Plot is encroaching or has encroached. I'm looking forward to seeing where it's going, and what the secrets will be. I only hope that Robin doesn't consider itself above letting us in on what the deal with witches and hunters really is. I could very easily imagine it ending much too vaguely for my tastes. Not that I have much against vagueness in general, it just shouldn't be a substitute for good writing and plotting, and it also shouldn't be a cheap ploy to make internet geeks hypothosize (i.e. wank) about what really happened and therefore talk about it months after the series ends. (coughEvangelioncough)

Posted by lyn at November 9, 2002 05:02 PM


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