November 10, 2002

Innapropriate Urges

At our local anime club, one of the best shows this semester is Boogiepop Phantom. It's a lot like Lain, only with more blood, the weirdness turned up five times, and the timeline put through a blender. In short, it's awesome.

It's extremely dark and depressing, with suicide and death and killing all over the place. In one story, a kinda nice loser who likes dating games is given a drug that screws up his mind until he starts confusing reality (specifically, a girl who works with him) and his games. It ends with his mind being totally destroyed. And this is one of the less depressing stories (don't even get me started on what they do with the Pied Piper arc). With all this emphasis on messed up mental problems, I figure that I just have to get this series and put it to some grossly innapropriate music. I'm thinking that if I get all the footage of deranged smiles, I can make a really nasty AMV to "Happy Boys and Girls."

Posted by David at November 10, 2002 03:33 PM


I loved Boogiepop. I thought it was one of the more interesting series I've gotten. I guess it falls into the horror genre. The one episode that always pops into my head first is the one with the guy who sees the bug things and takes them from people to help them.

The timeline aspect of it was one of my favorite bits. Most of the episodes were standalone, but there would usually be one scene that would fit in timewise with with another episode. They'd share the same scene, but each one from a different character's perspective. It is one of those shows I want to go back and do a marathon viewing of because I'm sure there are little bits I missed here and there.

Posted by: gregory at November 10, 2002 05:21 PM

love the AMV idea. another possible song would be Shiny Happy People, by REM }:D
~chuckles~ if you do an AMV, please at least make a version that is either QuickTime or RealPlayer, QT preferable ^^;

Posted by: k-chan at November 11, 2002 09:55 AM

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