December 26, 2002

the place promised in our early days

Makoto Shinkai, the person behind Hoshi no Koe has something new coming out in 2003. If your browser can support the Japanese language, take a look at The place promised in our early days.

Check out the links near the bottom for the trailer.

Looks like Makoto Shinkai's style all right. The character designs look like they are by Tazawa Ushio of God Dog Productions who did the 14th annual DoGA CG Anime Contest (Japan) winner Life no Color. Tenmon is doing the music. Just the three of them made this thing.

The trailer is so good, it is scary. I think Makoto Shinkai is a master. His work gives me hope that I can make something similar and also fills me with despair that I could never achieve such greatness.

Posted by izumi at December 26, 2002 11:33 PM


I prodded izumi to post about this because I watched the trailer. All I have to say is "DAMN". I couldn't understand a word of it, but visually it was stunning. I can't wait.

Posted by: gregory at December 26, 2002 11:38 PM

Adding to this. I don't think it is spoilerish, more speculative based on the trailer.

Here's an exchange a friend of mine and I had about this over on a mud I hang out on:

Michelle says "I looked at the display of divergine worldlines shown at the
2:12 mark."
Michelle says "diverging"
gregory nods
Michelle says "The display on the screen had what looked like nonsensical
english text on it..."
gregory nods
Michelle says "Physicists these days are dancing for joy. They're doing a new
version of the macarena named the "Maldacena," after Harvard researcher
Juan Maldacena."
Michelle says "You can barely make it out."
gregory smirks
Michelle says "NOW."
Michelle says "Take a look at"
Michelle says "The first paragraph reads:"
You say "heh"
Michelle says "Physicists these days are dancing for joy. They're doing a new
version of the macarena named the "Maldacena," after Harvard researcher
Juan Maldacena."
You say "neat"
Michelle whees!
Michelle says "Maldacena is a physicist, and his theory has to do with
parallel worlds. Big surprise, no?"
You say "very slick"
Michelle says "Another physicist in the same circles is named Shinkai."
Michelle says "Not the same one who did Hoshi no Koe. But... his father?"
You say "hrm?"
Michelle says "A lot of symposiums that Juan Maldacena speaks at also have a
speaker who's another physicist whose last name is Shinkai."
Michelle says "Makoto Shinkai did Hoshi no Koe, as you know."
You say "wow, neat"
Michelle says "AND."
Michelle says "The main character in The Place Promised in our Early Days...
his first name is Juan."
gregory smiles.
Michelle says "Methinks Jaun Maldacena is (possibly unknowingly) the star of
his very own anime. :)"

... transcript over ...
Pretty cool to be getting all that from a trailer.

Posted by: gregory at December 27, 2002 01:49 PM

That's cause I'm a genius, as WELL as being cute, hon. ;)

Posted by: Michelle at December 27, 2002 02:25 PM

none of the characters are named Juan...its Sayuri Sawatari, Hiroki Fujisawa, and Takuya Shirakawa.

Posted by: icie at May 31, 2003 11:30 AM

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