December 28, 2002

Anime Explosion

Slightly expanded from the post on my blog...
So I'd been wanting to see a bunch of my friends lately, so sent out some random emails to people to come by and have some pizza last night along with watching a sampling of anime. It was pretty cool, the group ended up being Ethan, Sean, Emily, Brian, and Selma. I kinda wish I could invite more but my place is kinda tiny and I think we had just the right amount of people before getting claustrophobic. We had some good pizza, some good beer (including one from PA that I really like), and amazing brownies that kicked my ass.

Shows watched (first two episodes of each): Full Metal Panic, Fruits Basket, Naruto, and Azumanga Daioh. I think people liked the first three a bit and the last one broke some folks. That one does tend to be a bit more on the wacky side. I think if I do this again I'm going to show more of Full Metal Panic and Fruits Basket and just do two episodes at a time. (And don't worry Sean, I'll find you some of that stuff with tentacles since you seem so fixated on it.)
I talked to one of the people and he said he was getting overwhelmed a bit by the end, which fits what I was thinking. I'll hopefully give more reports (or maybe have them post some here as to what they thought about it) soon.
Now I just need to get Lyn to watch the first four episodes of Azumanga Daioh with me before she goes on her trip.

Posted by snooze at December 28, 2002 11:49 AM


if he wants tentacles, then show him Urutsudoji. it really is the only decent tentacle pron anime with *gasp* ohmygosh, a plot. it should be on dvd, though i can't remember if it's the uncut or cut version.

noir might make a good showing. get in the first 4 episodes of that. usually, when i'm showing a new anime, unless the person is twitching in pain, i make em watch the first 4 episodes (of tv series at least) because it usually takes about 4 episodes for the story to get settled.

for example, i knew otoosan would love escaflowne, so i made him sit through the first four episodes, telling him at the very beginning to "get over the noses." by episode 4, he was so hooked :D

fruits basket is another one that needs about the first 4 episodes to get established, and for a viewer to feel the story and character starting to flesh out. then i'd let em decide if they want to watch more or not.

of course, some anime are so painful only 5 minutes into that any more would be cruel and unusual punishment. i try not to afflict such horror on my viewing guests ^_^

how about Saikano? ~piku~ i think it would go over well.

Posted by: k-chan at December 29, 2002 10:33 AM

I'm not sure I want to see all my friends in tears while watching something yet :). THOUGH, I was tempted to show it just because I love the animation in it and do think it tells a pretty good story (despite the bashing people seem to like doing over on the AoD forums).

Posted by: gregory at December 29, 2002 10:40 AM

what fun that was. the brownies did turn out to be killer, but the company was better. you've been threatening to do this for a while and i really enjoyed it. we should do it again. i would offer to host one at my place sometime, but it's not *that* much bigger than yours! however, it is an option!

you're getting me hooked on anime. :)

Posted by: :) emily (: at December 30, 2002 11:13 AM

ok regarding the tentacles... i am up for anything new. and the more out there and the more it'll tie my stomach up in knots the more i want to check it out... i got squimish at the underwear scene in Full Metal Panic... so any tentacle sex should send me screaming (damn ingrained protestant values!)

well anyway... the action in the beginning of Full Metal Panic was hot... one doesn't need to know what is going on to enjoy robots tossing helicopters around... the rest of the story was funny as well.

Fruit baskets was the first one that started to blow my mind... the eastern cultures obviously have a different way of looking at the world and it really comes thru in thier storytelling... and what is the story with all the characters not having any parents?!

Naruto... was your standard ninja, sensei and 9 tail demon fox story... we all see those every other day so that wasn't as impressive....

now the last on we saw... i think it was Azumanga Daioh... oh geez... i really was having a hard time with that one... now i can't really decide if it was a very strange cartoon or if my mind was just being really strange or both... i just couldn't keep track of anything... all the characters were making no sense... the story was bouncing all over... it was about some group of girls and the story would jump from girl to girl giving you a little taste of each one... they all have the same outfits on all the time and the only difference is one of them (the athletic one) is taller... so to say the least i was really baboozled by the end...

i actually think we saw another one about secret agent librarians... all i remember is a character named ms. deep... and some girl that could control paper...

i had a great time... beer, pizza, anime and good peoples... but i did run screaming by the end of the night... i don't think i even said goodbye to anyone.. i just ran out (sorry to everyone)... i was just barely hanging on by a thread i suppose... i felt like the thug in A Clockwork Orange who sat in that movie theatre being 'reconditioned' and then was a shell of his former self afterward... but don't worry... the effects were short lived... when i woke up the next morning i was pretty much back to normal... but if you had seen me the night before, standing with my pants around my ankles for 20 minutes while i tried to drink a glass of water and get into bed perhaps you'd understand.

Posted by: sean at December 30, 2002 11:25 AM

I definitely think the night went on too late. It got to a point where people just couldn't move anymore and I kept waiting for someone to cry uncle ^_^. But of course we were also all having fun watching Sean's reactions to stuff.

Posted by: gregory at December 30, 2002 11:37 AM

Thank you for lisitng the titles to the shows. The following is all I can remember.

Full Metal Panic: This one was missed.

Fruits Basket: Memory lapse. Did the brownies hit at this point?

Naruto: the Nija school one. This had action in it, yet the animation seemed very simple. The "boy becomming more powerful than imagined" plot used by G. Lucas, R. Jordan et all is a bit overdone for my estrogen's taste.

Azumanga Daioh: the school girl one. This also had simple animation, but the dialogue and character expressions were hirlarious. It reminded me of the Simpson's school yard, with each character adding their own unique traits to the humor.

It was fun to not give attention to the subtitles at times. Either I was sitting in a way that made them difficult to read, or my eyes needed to relax. It felt good to see the skill and beauty the animators put into the show and not feel compelled to analyze the plot. Perhaps its slowly becomming clear why Greg can own soo much of this genre and watch them over, and over, and over...

Thank you for a good night!


Posted by: Selma at December 30, 2002 12:33 PM

Yeah one time killer explosion robots

Posted by: michael at February 12, 2003 12:19 PM

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